Farm to School

We grow, tend, harvest and prepare produce for members of our Vine and Fig community, our neighbors at Lineweaver Apartments and Harrisonburg City Public Schools.


We Deliver by bicycle

Our Vine and Fig mission is to limit the use of fossil fuels as much as possible and that means delivering our produce by bicycle as often as we can!


We also focus on creating relationships with our closest neighbors. Getting to know each other a little better makes our community stronger and

more resilient.



We partner with local farmers to compile mini fruit and veggie produce bags for Harrisonburg City Public Schools to distribute using their Curbside Meal Program


Bagging Produce

We are excited to continue to grow and bag produce for Harrisonburg City Public Schools!

School Gardens

School gardens are a great way to build knowledge of where our food comes from and how it grows while providing hands-on learning opportunities in real-world math, science and communication skills. 


After a field trip to Vine and Fig's Urban Farm where students observe and get their hands dirty while practicing permaculture methods, they may take their new skills back to use in their own school garden.  

Our Educational Outreach Program works diligently to listen, learn and move towards meaningful relationships in which we find ways to enhance outdoor education. Our goal is to practice and teach environmental stewardship in our community.