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Composting Made Easy

Vine & Fig Educational Outreach Program, in partnership with an EMU Environmental Sustainability student and Harrisonburg City Schools, created a handbook as a tool for teachers/staff/administrators to design their own on-site composting program. 

Check it out by clicking the button below!  

Local schools and organizations, let

Vine & Fig know if you need some help

getting started!

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 Hugelkultur & Willow Dome

Have you ever heard of a hugelkultur mound or a dome made out of willow trees? At Vine and Fig we are doing both!

Our hugelkultur is composed of a base of large, decaying logs & stumps covered with brush, twigs, leaves and grass and topped with compost that eventually will become a raised bed for planting.  It is also forming the entryway to our willow dome.

Our dome is constructed of eight small living willow trees planted in a circle.   We are shaping their willow "whips" into a dome-like structure that is the perfect spot for drinking some nice cold tea or reading a book on a hot summer day! Come and check it out! 

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